Jamia Madnia Taleem-Ul-Furqan was founded in 1958 by Maulna Gulam Rasool Sahib (RH) and registered in 1971, as an Islamic religious institute with the Government of Pakistan, under the societies registration act, XXXI of 1860. It is affiliated with “WIFAQ UL MADARIS AL-ARABIA PAKISTAN” in all its educational programs, which issues the certificates and degrees after the successfull completion of examinations.

The degrees issued are equivalent to university degrees and are recognised by the Higher Education Commission of Pakistan.

Jamia Madnia Taleem-Ul-Furqan caters for over 820 students coming from all over the world to quench the thirst for knowledge. There are over 46 capable, working and experienced teachers and other full time working staff to look after all the activities and needs of students.

The academic courses include understand Arabic, Urdu and English languages as well as grammars, learn principles, meaning and commentary of Holy Quran, Holy verdicts of the Prophet (up to Daura-E-Hadith), Islamic law in detail along with training in expression and teachings in practical life.

Jamia Madnia Taleem-Ul-Furqan owns the responsibility to provide education, accommodation, meals, medical treatment, clothing free of charge along with monthly scholarships to 503 of the 820 registered students, both boys and girls.

Jamia Madnia Taleem-Ul-Furqan consists of a a number of buildings, the main building is a three storey building with over 30 classrooms, large paryer hall, verandah’s, a large court yard, residential room, storage rooms, office and a garden.

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