Access to Islamic Education

Access to Islamic Education

Jamia Madnia – Taleem-Ul-Furqan provides an comprehensive islamic eductaion for all its registered students, both boys and girls.

Jamia Madnia is affiliated with “WIFAQ UL MADARIS AL-ARABIA PAKISTAN” in all its educational programs, which awards degrees after the completion of examinations. The awards issued are equivalent to university degrees and recognised by the Higher Education Commission of Pakistan.

Academic Courses & Degrees:

The courses are structured as follows:

  • Shahada-tul-Hifz Al-Quran
  • Shahada-tul-Mutawassita                  (Equivalent to Middle)
  • Shahada-tul-Sanvia Al-Aamah         (Equivalent to Secondary School Certificate)
  • Shahada-tul-Sanvia Al-Khasa          (Equivalent to Higher Secondary School Certificate)
  • Shahada-tul-Aaliah                             (Equivalent to B.A.)
  • Shahada-tul-Aalamiah                       (Equivalent to M.A. Arabic/Islamiyat)
  • Durja ullah  to Duara hadees shareef

As well as the above we also provide

Refresher Courses:

In order to enhance the capability of students during annual vacations, refresher courses of Arabic Grammar (Daura-E-Surf & Daura-E-Nahve) are conducted for internal and external students.

Academic Year & Admissions:

Like all over the country, the academic year of Jamia Madnia – Taleem-Ul-Furqan, also starts from the 10th of Shawwal, while new admissions also start with the same date.


There are three examinations in the academic year of Jamia Madnia – Taleem-Ul-Furqan which are as follows (as per the instruction of Wifaq-ul-Madaaris, Al-Arabia, Multan (PAKISTAN) :

  • First Quarter: First week of Safar.
  • Half Term: First week of Jumadi-l-Uola.
  • Annual: First week of Sha’baan.


The annual vacations for the students of from 10th Sha’ban to 10th Shawwaal, whereas the annual vacations for the department of Hifz-ul-Quran start from 25th Ramazan to 10th Shawwaal. More over there are holidays of ten days on Eid-ul-Adha. Friday is only weekly holiday of Jamia Madnia – Taleem-Ul-Furqan for all the students.


Jamia Madnia – Taleem-Ul-Furqan is a non-profitable institution, and there is no regular means of earning. Currently the yearly expenses of all Jamia Madnia – Taleem-Ul-Furqan are approx Pak RS.8, 00,000/- monthly.

All these expenses are met with the help of Almighty ALLAH and then with donations and aid by the people of local community.

You are also requested to become the Hand of ALLAH and support the noble cause; you can help with your Donations, Zakat, Sadqaat and Fitrana etc. You may offer Cash, Cheque or tangible items, for the guests of ALLAH.  Please get in touch.


Jamia Madnia – Taleem-Ul-Furqan
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