Appeal to the Ummah

Appeal to the Ummah

One of the basic pillars of Islam, Zakat forms the core of our socio-economic system. Bringing the affluent and the deprived closer through care, concern and assistance by the former for the latter, it knits society into a strong and coherent whole. The love and sympathy shown to the poor and the indigent by way of Zakat donations build up trust among classes of society, cement them together and make them progress towards peace and harmony with firm resolve. It is for this reason Islam enjoins to pay Zakat to the poor and the needy as an obligation and declares it essential for prosperity, social health and spiritual uplift.

Allah Almighty and His Beloved Messenger (blessings and peace be upon him) clearly command to remove the financial disparities in society through Zakat.

The amount paid as Zakat out of the lawfully earned wealth not only brings ten-time greater profit, but also purifies our souls and capital at the same time. It is, no doubt, a great source of bliss and blessings.

Jamia Madnia – Taleem-Ul-Furqan diligently engaged in free welfare and free education of the students and orphans in it’s care.

Islam lays great emphasis on bringing up orphans befittingly and providing them guardianship. The Holy Prophet (blessings and peace be upon him) says:

“I and helper of the orphans will be together on the Day of Judgment, (and whilst saying this, he raised his two holy fingers together to show the nearness).”

We feel sure while making this appeal that the trust we repose in you will be reciprocated commensurately. So we call to come on and attain to the nearness of the Beloved Messenger of Allah (blessings and peace be upon him) on the Last Day by contributing your Zakat and Charity Donations benevolently for Jamia Madnia – Taleem-Ul-Furqan. Allah Almighty will certainly deliver you with His Mercy and Kindness benevolently, on the Day of Reckoning.

You may deposit your donations of Zakat, Sadka, lilla and charity for Jamia Madnia – taleem-Ul-Furqan in the form of cheques/drafts/on line.

Zakat Account No.: _________________________
Name: Jamia Madnia – Taleem-Ul-Furqan
Bank: Habib bank Shorkot Branch

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